Entry: Roses and Hurricanes 5.6.2016

Full disclosure: I'm slightly three sheets to the wind but I will endeavor to avoid any spelling or grammatical errors. I was discussing this with my sister not too long ago: you know how you're fine with A, B, and C on any given day? But then there's one day out of maybe a thousand where A, B, and C just absolutely wreck you? And when it's due to something as stupid as a particularly vivid dream, you have to wonder at just how stable you are as an individual and if all of those reasons you gave to yourself for being okay with the situation are legitimate in even the slightest way. It's a bad idea to talk to the past, even when the past is good. It either reminds you of what you don't have or paths not taken. And that is essentially a Mobius strip that results in no forward progress. And we're all gonna die someday so progress is very much the name of the game. You're born. You have x amount of years to make an impact on the world. Go. Try not to get hit by a bus. We all backslide. It's fine. But that doesn't make it any less fucking annoying. A, B, and C are always right there, gnawing away. But not really because you're fine with it. Right? Fuck me, I hate first dates.


May 7, 2016   07:53 AM PDT
Sometimes I feel like I'm forced to present myself that I accept a situation because in expressing my true feelings about it, I'd be admitting a vulnerability. Life is so great and such a B at times too.

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