Entry: Certain Emblems 11.6.2013

I really just want to be honest.

(In which the author signposts his/her intent, thereby notifying the reader not only of tone but of possible juicy tidbits to come.)

Either I survive or I live.

(A strong opening line. What does it mean? What situation does this person inhabit that would cause him/her to feel this way? And the themes! Hope/Optimism. Human tenaciousness. The inner being. The struggle of mankind. This may hold promise.)

Either I let it go or I do something.

(I'm hooked. I don't know about you but I'm hooked.)

It's these little things that fuck me up but there's no way you still care.

(And then the author totally muffs it by spewing some idiotic notion. Already I know it's about a girl. And why resort to cursing? Really, it's just unnecessary. Also, why can't I get to know the protagonist before I find out their problems? It's self-pity is what it is is what is [sic]. I mean, the guy/gal's right. There's no way I still care.)




Yeah, I don't know. This is just how it goes. You know?


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