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I can't leave my house. I really have no reason to. There's plenty of food. I do have to go to work though... I hate it. I hate talking to so many people. I hate having to pretend that I care about their lives. I hate having to adopt this lifestyle that's completely vacuous and materialistic. I called in Friday because the weather was evil. I called in Monday faking an illness. I don't want to go anymore. I want it to just stop. Nothing but voices all of the time. Lying to each other. I can't do it. Money is money. That goes away and it's the mad scramble for survival again. So I have to go back. And exist in what is becoming a daily nightmare. Just quit. Hang in there. Which? This is not the story I want told about me when I'm gone. There's more to me than this. Oh god I think I'm about to be really stupid.

Posted at 04:31 pm by jinx_me34


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