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Come Again?

My mind goes strange places when I'm unemployed.

I'm thinking of the Schrodinger's cat paradox. But what if you're the cat? What if you're experiencing everything from the inside? I mean, I know the point is to show, from the observer's point of view, that there's no way to prove that the cat's alive or dead so both possibilities must exist simultaneously. But what about from the other side? If you're the one locked in a box with no way to perceive the poison being released, would you exist as both alive and dead simultaneously? I mean, the observer's going to look inside at some point but what if your reality is different from the one they perceive?

That's the problem with subjective reality. I mean, if a person's heart stopped in the middle of a crowd and he wasn't breathing for five, ten minutes, most people would say that person is dead. But the one doctor who only just arrived rushes in and tries to revive them. I mean, yeah, that's a matter of ignorance but the doctor's reality holds the possibility that the person who's heart has stopped is still alive or at least can be brought back to life.

Okay, without metaphors. Reality can differ from person to person. Recollection of past events can differ from person to person. Some would argue that it's a problem with the recording mechanism, the brain, but what if, instead, we're all experiencing completely different realities? Up is up and down is down but only in the sense of us standing on this planet and perceiving our own orientation. Look at the earth from the moon, though. Are you looking up or down at it? If we remove ourselves from the parameters of our own interpretations, is anything truly real? Maybe that's what death is. We experience things through electrical impulses in our brains but that's just a framework. Remove humans from the earth and the earth keeps on spinning like It always did. But it also doesn't because there's no other creature that perceives it. And surely something can exist even though no one has any idea if it's there. Ultraviolet light is ever present because we see the effects and can observe it with special tools. And we assume it's always there even when we can't observe or view the effects. But what if it isn't? What if the only things that exist, regardless of categorization or perception, only do so because a person is made aware of it? Do we create our own reality or is it created for us?

And how would one even go about proving it?

If the multiverse does exist, wouldn't there be a version of me in a world that not only has proven the theory but could reach my dimension, pop his head in and say, "Yes, sir, you are correct."? If time travel will one day exist, wouldn't it be plausible that someone would go back a week and let the team developing it know that their efforts will be fruitful? Maybe travel into the future is the only plausible option. Why run the risk of fucking up anything that came before?

This is what I think about when I have nothing to do. I hear some people think of normal things.

Like I said, strange places.

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